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Default Garuda Live @ Sankeys | Ferry Corsten Interview

With only three weeks to go tickets are currently flying out for Friday 3rd April, so if you are still without, grab your ticket while you still can | there are only 250 remaining -

As part of the build up to the Garuda Live Launch party on Friday April 3rd we managed to catch up with the main man himself, Mr Ferry Corsten - for a short but sweet interview, voicing some out of the blue questions!

1) Garuda Live - Have you ever played in Manchester before, and if so, when was it - because none of us can remember you being here in the past.

Ferry - No I have actually never played in Manchester, been in all the cities around the area – so I am quite excited actually!

2) Garuda Live - At Garuda, you're playing a three hour set. Do you enjoy playing extended sets, and what can you do in a longer set that you perhaps can't do in shorter sets?

Ferry - I prefer to play 3hr sets because its long enough for me to really build a set and short enough to keep the crowd’s attention at the highest level. Longer sets also allow me to play other tracks that I wouldn’t be able to play in an hour and a half/2 hour set.

3) Garuda Live - What direction did you try to take with your most recent album, Twice In A Blue Moon, and are you happy with how it turned out?

Ferry - After a few years of experimenting with different sounds and genres, I’m slowly moving back to my trance roots. TIABM is in my opinion a great blend of my previous experimental sound and trancier sounds of tomorrow. I am really pleased with the warm and lush sounds of the album and to be honest it wouldn’t have left my studio if I wasn’t happy with it .

4) Garuda Live - You've been in the music industry a good while. With hindsight, what would you have done differently, if anything?

Ferry - I am pretty happy with all the decisions that I have made, but if I could do one thing differently, it would be releasing my tracks under my own name from the start instead of using all those aliases. But hey, you live and learn!

5) Garuda Live - If you weren't a DJ / producer, what would you be doing instead?

Ferry - I studied to become an electrical engineer.

6) Garuda Live - Quite a few DJs have written about nasty experiences when flying. Have you ever had a scary experience on board, be it an emergency landing, bad turbulence, etc, or are you one of the lucky ones?

Ferry - Fortunately I have been one of the rare lucky ones, but there was one incident when I was flying from Ibiza to Barcelona where the airport was covered by a massive thunder cloud. The pilot decided to stay in the waiting area to wait for the bad weather to pass, but after a while we had to land since we were running out of fuel. This was seriously the worst turbulence and the roughest landing I have ever experienced.

7) Garuda Live - DJs can be known for splashing the cash a bit. What's the most extravagant or bling purchase you've made over the past few years, and was it worth it?

Ferry - I did a zero gravity flight a few years back in Moscow. Hell yeah, it was expensive, but fulfilling this childhood dream and being the closest to the actual weightlessness was worth every penny.

8) Garuda Live - Finally, when you do a lot of interviews, it must get annoying to answer the same questions over and over again. If you could pick one interview question which you could never be asked again, what would it be?

Ferry - Will there ever be a new Gouryella?

Thanks Ferry, see you on Friday 3rd April!

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